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Cipla's biosimilar commitment

Caring for life

Cipla has a legacy of value based generics and branded products. Now Cipla is also focusing on biosimilars and educating on the science behind these medicines.

For Patients

Helping new generation treatments reach more people who really need them. In line with our ethos of Caring For Life, Cipla is committed to broadening access to these life saving medicines through affordable quality biosimilars.

For Providers

Supporting doctors in providing them with more treatment options that patients can access. We are using our experience and know how in branded generic medicines to build a strong and growing portfolio of value-added biosimilar products.

For Pharmacists

Helping pharmacists through education on biosimilars, the future of biologic treatment. Ensuring continuity of supply so that pharmacists have the stock they need to meet the growing patient demands.

For Funders

Through ongoing engagement with the payers and education of their members, we strive to build trust and confidence in these medicines.